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With over 20 years in the industry, Northwest Development has the experience and problem-solving skills to tackle any development project. Our award-winning team is well-known for delivering ahead of schedule and under budget. Below you can learn more about our build-to-suit development process.

What is Build-to-Suit?

Build-to-suit development and design-build seem similar, but have distinct differences. In build-to-suit, we construct a free-standing building to meet the existing design specifications of our client, who leases and becomes the sole occupant of that building. Northwest Development Company then becomes the property manager of the building.

The Process

Build-to-suit is an efficient method for businesses to gain access to a facility that meets their specific needs. The process begins with assessing what those requirements are and creating any necessary layouts or site plans. Next it must be determined whether a building site is feasible for development. After that we make any necessary adjustments, finalize designs, and successfully construct your facility.

Development Solutions

Northwest Development Company has extensive experience in every aspect of development. Where we truly set ourselves apart is in our problem-solving skills and attention to detail. We can assist you in land acquisition, design and architectural services, construction site selection, value engineering, property management, and project budgeting.

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Northwest Development Company is happy to answer all your questions, discuss the solutions we provide, and help you tackle even the most challenging projects.

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