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Our Consulting Services

Northwest Development Company offers consulting and strategic planning services to clients who are developing both public and private properties. Below you can learn more about our consulting process and services. Please contact us with any questions.

Types of Consulting

Northwest Development Company can handle strategy development, conduct market feasibility, perform consumer research, and provide assistance for urban residential and mixed use development and redevelopment.

Our research is performed independently to determine if the selected construction location is viable for the client’s project. In addition, we carry out strategic planning and coordinate with existing development or redevelopment teams.

Consulting Process

Each development project is unique, so the specific tasks necessary depends largely on the scope of the project. Generally speaking, the real estate development process progresses in five steps: organization and property, feasibility, pre-construction, construction, and post-construction.

We are capable of handling the coordination of all necessary moving parts: assembling contractors, assessing feasibility, coordinating engineers, handling entitlements, zoning, permitting, and more. Our experienced staff provides you with peace of mind because we’ve been involved in the complexities of real estate development for more than a decade.

Why Choose NW Dev?

For business stakeholders, few things are more important than receiving accurate information and strategic advice before your next acquisition or development decision. Our management team has 15+ years of commercial development, homebuilding, and consulting experience.

Northwest Development Company operates in multiple business sectors, allowing us to provide educated perspectives to help you achieve your development goals. Our consultants work together to analyze the real estate market and ultimately enable our clients to make educated decisions.

Have Questions?

Northwest Development Company is happy to answer all your questions, discuss the solutions we provide, and help you tackle even the most challenging projects.

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