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Our Design-Build Services

We’re proud design-builders. That means our experienced team handles both design and construction on development projects of all sizes. This helps minimize risks and accelerates the schedule since you won’t have to coordinate with multiple contractors. Below you can learn more about our design-build process.

What is Design-Build?

The primary way that design-build differs from build-to-suit is that at the completion of construction the end-user owns the building instead of leasing it. In addition, the building is both designed and constructed (built) by the same contractor. This often means reduced completion time and minimized costs, as well as the building’s owner building equity in their finished facility rather than merely leasing it as in build-to-suit.

Design-Build Process

The design-build development process begins with thoroughly assessing your facility requirements. Creating layouts and conceptual designs come next. Depending on your needs, revisions and value engineering are used to change the design and estimate. Once the feasibility of the building location has been determined, the completed design will be used and your new facility constructed.

Why Design-Build?

While many businesses might possess corporate building designs and specifications, many smaller companies do not. Design-build is attractive because we facilitate the autonomy many businesses desire. What we construct is not an existing building or design - it’s uniquely tailored to your specific needs and resonates with your company’s identity. Design-build gives you the most control because ultimately the building is yours.

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